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Don’t let your floors get old and tired-looking. Give us a call for a free estimate and see how affordable it is to make your concrete & floors look beautiful again. Your floors are the foundation of your home; they need to be in good condition at all times. 


Picking A Color And A System

Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring is the most popular floor coat covering in the U.S., but choosing the right color can make your floors more appealing and add curb appeal. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a color for your concrete floor. You will enjoy seeing our different color options available to you. We are here for guidance.



Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring and concrete resurfacing are two popular flooring options for homes and businesses today. While both these flooring options provide great-looking floors, you need to make sure that the floor preparation and application are done correctly to get the desired results. That’s why we advise leaving it to professionals like us to install a long-lasting epoxy floor.


Customer Satisfaction

Beautiful floors never go out of style; whatever the trend, whatever the time, whatever the decor, whatever the reason, beautiful floors were and will always remain to be a sign of class and style. With the growing popularity of pebble-stone epoxy flooring as an alternative to painting, as an alternative to concrete removal, and as an alternative to other flooring options as well as the other advantages. We know you will be completely satisfied!

The Epoxy And Stone System Is Troweled Over The Top Of The Concrete Surface

The Pebblestone Epoxy System is applied over existing patiosdrivewayspool decksfront porches/walkwaysgarage floorsbasement floors, and commercial entranceways. Most applications take only one day and can be returned to full use the next day. The Pebblestone Epoxy System is a durable and quick way to restore your concrete surface, and totally transform ugly concrete into something beautiful! Our flooring system is stain, chemical, salt, and crack resistant. St. Louis Resurfacing, Inc is considered THE company of record in the Midwest. We have applied the Pebblestone Epoxy System on literally thousands of residential and commercial jobs throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Concrete Restoration In St. Louis, MO.

concrete resurfacing process
Photo Diagram Of Pebble-Stone Epoxy And The Concrete Resurfacing Process

We handle the crack repairs then cover your concrete with our decorative flooring system

Flooring Service Types and Industries We Help:

We Repair Concrete Cracks Then Cover Them With Our Decorative River Rock And Epoxy Application.

Concrete crack repair in st. louis, Missouri

All You Have To Do Is Pick Out A Beautiful Stone Color then We Handle The Rest.

Pebble-Stone Epoxy Coatings & Concrete Resurfacing Installations:

Residential Flooring

Looking for a great way to add some character and curb appeal to your home? Then, why not consider residential pebble-stone epoxy flooring? This flooring system is made with an advanced formula designed to withstand foot traffic and harsh elements.

We think that residential stone epoxy flooring can be a great addition to any home. A new stone floor can change the way that a room looks and feels, and can even give your home a new lease on the life of the floor. St. Louis Resurfacing will help residential homeowners make educated decisions about the choice of stone flooring for their interior space and exterior floors.

This pebble paving material is made with a non-skid formula that is built to withstand foot traffic and harsh elements. It’s easy to clean and will resist peel, cracking, or chipping. Pebble-Stone resurfacing is engineered to last.

Commercial Flooring

Are you looking for commercial-quality pebble and epoxy flooring? Do you have a business in St. Louis, Missouri?

Then look no further. At St. Louis Resurfacing, we have a strong resinous stone flooring system that is guaranteed to meet or exceed the demanding requirements for your building project.

Most commercial properties are not properly maintained and for some, that is easy to see. Floors are damaged, cracked and the property is then not attractive at all. Let us help you with our quality pebble-stone epoxy flooring services. Our designs are unique, modern, and attractive that helps increase the value of your commercial properties.

 Let us help you with high-quality flooring services. St. Louis Resurfacing is the leading provider of commercial and industrial stone epoxy flooring, concrete resurfacing in Missouri. We have served hundreds of customers across Missouri and Illinois with the best commercial epoxy flooring installation.

Pebble-Stone Epoxy is perfect for high traffic areas, can be made any color you want, has anti-microbial properties, and has anti-skid properties given from additives.

Industrial Flooring

Are you tired of the everyday problems that need to be taken care of when it comes to industrial flooring like cleaning, scrubbing stains, oil, etc?

What if I told you there is a solution for this? An innovative flooring solution that takes care of all your problems. A flooring solution that protects the concrete floor and gives the warehouse better aesthetics.

Industrial flooring with pebble-stone and concrete resurfacing is just what you need if your business involves lots of heavy equipment and heavy traffic. With our industrial floor coating and concrete resurfacing, you can increase the life of your floors and concrete surfaces and maintain maximum cleanliness. Your facility floor will be durable too.

You need flooring that will withstand heavy traffic and last for years. Look no further because here at St. Louis Resurfacing, we have exactly the floor you need.

Industrial flooring is an important part of the warehouse’s success. But it needs continuous maintenance, due to its nature unless you get an industrial epoxy floor since it is the most durable flooring application engineered for warehouse flooring along with urethane coatings.

Concrete Restoration Then Pebble-Stone Resurfacing. Problem Solved!

Our Flooring Contractor Services, Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Services And Application Product Systems:

St. Louis Resurfacing, Inc, Installs Residential, Commercial Jobs, And Industrial Job Installations.

Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring Installers

Concrete Resurfacing

Garage Flooring

Driveway Resurfacing

Porch Resurfacing

Sidewalk Resurfacing

Patio Resurfacing

Basement Floor

Pebble-Stone Sealing


Concrete Pressure Washing & Cleaning

See what our happy homeowners have to say about epoxy flooring:

The crew are friendly and professional. They showed up on time and finished quickly. I would definitely recommend this company. It was a painless process and the final result was better than I expected. The price was reasonable for the quality of the work and I was very pleased with the result.
Denise P.
They are amazing at what they do. I had them resurface my garage floor and they did an amazing job. I will never hire anyone else to resurface my floors again. My garage floor looks beautiful. I am very satisfied with their work.
Sam C.
I hired them for a driveway resurfacing job on my home. They were great! I had been searching for a company that could resurface a concrete driveway and I was very impressed with their work. The process was fast and efficient. The crew members were hard workers. They finished the job early and cleaned up after themselves. I am so happy with the end result. It looks amazing!
Melissa O.

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