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The Beauty of Natural Stones. The Durability of Epoxy.

Our Craftsmanship:

Pebblestone Epoxy is a Great Choice When You’re Looking For a Floor That’s Going to Stand the Test of Time.

Pebble-Stone & River Rock Epoxy Flooring

 Are you looking for a low-maintenance floor that looks great for years to come? If so, pebble-stone epoxy is the flooring option for you! Stone epoxy is tough, looks great, and can last a lifetime, unlike DIY Floor Paint that can peel off the floor within months then all your work and trouble was for nothing!

Stone epoxy flooring and coatings are tough, resilient flooring and coating solutions that have high resistance to stains, abrasion, and other forms of damage. They are ideal for applications that require a beautiful, durable, hard floor covering or coating is needed such as garages, factories, warehouses, and the like.

These floor and coating solutions offer many benefits including oil resistance, wear and tear resistance, ease of cleaning, and ease of maintenance. This system is perfect for both interior and exterior use and is available in a wide variety of colors and custom border options.

Pebble-Stone epoxy flooring is an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade the concrete floors inside and outside your home or business permanently. 

Epoxy Flooring Installation Areas:

We provide professional flooring at your home or business place.

With so many colors to choose from let us guide you. We can make your concrete go from ugly to beautiful.

Pebble-stone is growing in popularity as one of the best garage floor options available.

epoxy-stone resurfacing in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy stl, mo.

The benefits and Features of Pebble-stone Epoxy Flooring:

What Is Pebble-stone Epoxy Flooring?

Pebble stone epoxy is a combination of natural river stones, river rocks, pebbles, and epoxy resin that when mixed together creates a beautiful, elegant, high-strength concrete resurfacing system.

Our high-quality epoxy resin that is used in the pebble stone epoxy resurfacing process is a two-component system consisting of a resin and hardener that is UV resistant and engineered to resist the extreme weather changes in Missouri. Pebblestone epoxy is freeze-thaw stable making it the ideal indoor and outdoor flooring application in St. Louis.

Our professional employees mix the two components together, which creates an active reaction process that forms a permanent hardened adhesive in return.  We use epoxy resin to achieve a permanent bond to your concrete surface.

Although the epoxy hardens, our formulation inherits flexible characteristics due to the epoxy ratio and formula. The flexibility characteristic traits of our epoxy resin polymers make them resist heavy impact and support vehicle traffic. The pebble stone epoxy system will cover the pre-existing concrete around your home so that you don’t have to tear any concrete out.

We repair the concrete cracks before covering them with pebble stone

concrete resurfacing process

You need this flooring option for your home or business.

epoxy-stone porch, walkway, sidewalk resurfacing in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy porch stl, mo.

What Kind of Epoxy Is Used For Installing The Pebble Stone System?

As mentioned previously, our resin is the highest quality epoxy available in the United States. It’s specifically designed for the pebble stone install application. The location, application, and weather determine which of our epoxy resin formulas will be used during the install process. For residential and commercial flooring unless the weather is very warm, we use a fast-acting epoxy adhesive for the pebble stone system. This allows you to use your new floor at your home or business as quickly as possible.

Because timing is important when installing pebble stone epoxy, we monitor the weather, moisture, and humidity levels to determine further which of our formulas we will use. We have different epoxies designed for different use depending on the temperature in St. Louis that day.

High-Quality Epoxy Resin Formulated for binding with pebbles, stones, and river rocks. St. Louis Resurfacing has kept an outstanding track record for over 30 years. We skip on the cheap stuff.

Get scheduled for a Quick installation. Everyone is Calling for our pebble-stone system!

There are many different colors, borders, and designs available for your pebble-stone installation. We can help you decide on the best one.

epoxy-stone porch, walkway, sidewalk resurfacing in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy porch stl, mo.

Here Is Our Pebble-Stone Epoxy Floor Coating Information Table Chart To Help Give You More Information About The Best Epoxy Flooring Option & System Available In St. Louis, MO:

#1 Epoxy Flooring Option In St. Louis, Missouri. Home, Industrial, Company, Or Business Flooring Solution? Affordable? Long-Lasting Floor? Variety Of Color Choice, Options & Customization? Good For Covering Cracks? Freeze-And-Thaw Stable? Oil, Chemical, Scratch, & Stain Resistant? Can Handle Heavy Vehichle And Foot Traffic? Indoor & Outdoor Use?
Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring Option Type
Yes To All
Yes. Very.
Yes. Indefinitely.
Yes. So Many Colors & Designs.
Yes, and properly repaired cracks will resist returning
Yes, Tried & Tested in Missouri. We Are The Pioneers For The Product In MO.
Yes, Heavy-Impact & High-traffic & Vehicle-Traffic

When Our epoxy resin is enhanced with high-strength materials such as stone. it makes our floor system even stronger

We want to help you choose the best flooring type and color that will go good with your home or business. Our design consultants make this process easy for you. With one look at the home or job site we can recommend the best options based off past experience.

Garage Floor, Pool Deck, Driveway, Patio, Sidewalk, Porch & Steps made beautiful.

How Long Does It Take To Install Pebble Stone Epoxy?

St. Louis Resurfacing can install most pebble stone resurfacing projects in one day and in fact, can take just hours in some instances! It’s another reason why it has grown rapidly in popularity. We ensure to repair concrete cracks, clean and prepare the surface professionally. We use a non-invasive approach when it comes time to install your new concrete resurfacing project. Our employees are mindful of your yard and ensure to fully clean up after our services have been installed and take the necessary steps to protect and cover our work environment.

Epoxy has a short working time before it cures, which is why we work quickly and efficiently when the mixing begins to beautify your concrete. We do things right the first time and we don’t cut corners. That is why we have held a reputable name and grade with the Better Business Bureau for all these years. It is why homeowners in St. Louis continually choose us to install their pebble stone epoxy system!

epoxy-stone driveway st. louis, missouri. Pebble-Stone Epoxy

Epoxy Cures Quickly

How Do You Install Pebble Stone Epoxy?

Pebble-stone epoxy is installed by professionally trained and certified employees of St. Louis Resurfacing. First, the concrete surface that we are resurfacing must be cleaned and prepared by our installers so that it is ready to receive the epoxy stone to form a permanent bond to the concrete. Then we repair cracks in the concrete and fix any abnormalities that we see. We perform surgery on these cracks and fill them to prevent them from causing further damage to your concrete. After we have prepared and prepped the surface we order custom form boards that we cut to fit your installation diagram. These form boards are installed all around the outer perimeter of your concrete similar to when they pour concrete. We use a special product that will make releasing the pebble stone epoxy from the form boards easier.

We honor all the existing expansion joints on the concrete and place our own all-weather strips that adhere to the surface. With our epoxy system, we can build up and even out uneven concrete slabs with extra pebble stone material and epoxy that will give you a smooth floor so you can avoid having any slanted concrete slabs. Our professional epoxy mixers have great attention to detail when mixing these important epoxy resin components that are crucial to having a lasting floor. The epoxy is then mixed with a precise amount of natural pebble stones and brought from the mixer back to your concrete surface. At this point, the pebble stone epoxy is ready to be applied over the concrete. Pebble stone and the epoxy mixed in it are hand troweled by our experienced installers and packed down tight to ensure structural integrity.

Our employees at this point work efficiently and quickly by working as a team synchronized in unison by bringing mix after mix until the job is finished. Although the pebble stone epoxy system is naturally textured from the stone at the end of the process we take extra steps to ensure a safe slip-resistant surface by applying an additive over the finished product making it even more slip-resistant. Our crew will then clean up and pack up all of our tools and leave your yard clean. You can now enjoy a long-lasting epoxy stone floor! Our customers can tell you about our craftsmanship!

Because timing is important when installing pebble stone epoxy, we monitor the weather, moisture, and humidity levels to determine further which of our formulas we will use. We have different epoxies designed for different use depending on the temperature in St. Louis that day.

epoxy-stone pool deck in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy pool deck in stl, mo.

Experienced & Professional Concrete Resurfacing company

Resurfacing Your Concrete With Our Epoxy Stone Overlay Adds Curb Appeal to Your Home!

epoxy-stone patio in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy patio in stl, mo.

With So Many Colors & Designs of Pebbles, we are here to help you.

What Pebblestone Color Options Are Available And What About Custom Border Designs or Logos?

The pebble stone epoxy system comes in a variety of beautiful colors for you to choose from. The stones and pebbles also vary in size including small, medium, and large stones. The natural stone is what’s great about this system, it can transform your ugly concrete into a beautiful stone surface in a single day. The pebblestone epoxy system can be highly customizable with different border options. We can highlight areas or even layout a border design if you really want to show off your new decorative concrete installation! We can also highlight concrete steps in a bold color to make it easier to see when walking up or down the steps for more safety.

Basic logos, letters, and designs can be achieved using different accents of stone color. Our stones are derived from the earth and integrated into the epoxy. One of our representatives can bring a color sample board to your home and show you the different colors and sizes of stone we have to offer in pebble stone epoxy. We would be more than happy to help you pick out a color or design!

How Do I Clean The Pebble Stone Epoxy System?

Cleaning the pebble stone epoxy system is very simple. You can hose it off with water and soap or power wash it. You’re not going to hurt the system because it has a higher PSI and surface strength than concrete. Pebble stone features an oil-resistant, stain-resistant, and chemical-resistant surface so cleaning the system is made easy.

epoxy-stone porch, walkway, sidewalk resurfacing in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy porch stl, mo.

Cleaning our system is easy due to the stain resistant properties of epoxy resin

epoxy-stone patio in st. louis, missouri. pebble-stone epoxy patio in stl, mo.

We can always come back out And Interlock into the previous installation

Can I Resurface Some of The Concrete Areas Around My Home or Does It Have To Be All?

This is your project, so it is your choice! As much as we would love to resurface ALL the concrete around your home, we completely understand if you just want one area resurfaced. We can resurface as little or as much concrete as you need! Small projects or big projects, we can help. We can always come back in the future to resurface more areas. Our epoxy stone system can tie into the previous epoxy-pebble installation.

We Repair cracks & Abnormalities then resurface with Our Stone-pebble epoxy System

The Pros Of Pebble-stone Epoxy Flooring

Installing decorative concrete made with epoxy offers the best protection against wear and tear. Pebble Epoxy flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas such as driveways, garage floors, commercial settings, kitchens, and entryways. It is easy to clean and nonskid. We install professionally and the system comes in an array of colors. It is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to bring some excitement back to their home without making a huge investment.

 You don’t have to be living in an old house to get a new floor. Whether you are building a new house, or simply spicing up an existing home, our flooring is perfect for covering your existing floor with or without concrete damage.

 Plus, you don’t have to remove or tear out any concrete so it’s a perfect option for people with a tight budget. Call us today for a free estimate and to see the pebbles and colors offered!

What Are The Cons Of Pebble-Stone Epoxy Flooring?

For St. Louis homeowners and business owners that want to know the cons of pebble-stone? Well, we suppose some installations can be complex and require extensive concrete preparation to the surface such as if you have an existing painted floor, or failed floor coating that could have been installed with a low-quality DIY epoxy product from the store or even an inexperienced & newer company decided to skip doing the hard stuff. (although difficult we refer to them as the correct steps for a permanent bond with our system and is necessary)

Some epoxy floor companies don’t even care to follow the flooring manufacturers’ instructions & guidelines or use the appropriate equipment that a lot of small floor coating start-up companies can’t afford to purchase and operate to prepare the concrete surface. When these problems happen it can be frustrating but that’s why St. Louis Resurfacing is here to serve the greater St. Louis, MO region and surrounding cities with our professional epoxy-stone floor installations. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have an epoxy floor in their home, business, or garage when installed properly. Give us a call!

What Surfaces and Areas Are Perfect For Pebble Stone Epoxy Resurfacing?

Concrete surface areas You should consider having pebble-stone epoxy installed:

Pebblestone Epoxy flooring is a quick-drying, tough, low-maintenance floor covering that is best suited for almost any application where a hard-wearing surface is needed. Epoxy has been used for decades by customers for applications such as heavy equipment, boat bottoms, tankers, and military use.

These epoxy-stone floors are an excellent choice in high-traffic areas such as schools, factory work stations, daycare centers, gymnasiums, warehouses,  and medical facilities. They are very easy to clean and are very resistant to stains and wear. River rock epoxy flooring systems are ideal for any type of concrete surface.

These scenarios & environments are perfect for this type of epoxy flooring system:

We Resurface Concrete with our Pebble-Stone Epoxy Floor Coating

At St. Louis Resurfacing, we provide free in-home consultations where our professional staff will help you choose the right design and color of stone for your home or business. We have a variety of different sizes of stone to choose from. Each with a unique look and feel that is perfect for any décor. Our friendly, expert & knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect look for your home or office floor.

We offer all of the best stone color options as well. Finding the right pebble color for your home or office can be a challenge. There are so many options on color. Finding the right style for your home can be made easy with our help.

Call today and we can send an estimator out to measure and give you a better idea of the cost of pebble-stone epoxy flooring, your options, and our colors to choose from.

What St. Louis Homeowners are saying about Our Decorative flooring systems and Quality of Work

This company did a really good job on the entire job. The work turned out amazing. I called them a few times and they were always able to answer my questions quickly and solve my problems. The employees that came to my home worked hard and were very careful not to damage any of the items in the garage. We have a beautiful garage floor thanks to them.
Linda P.
They gave me an estimate right away and I scheduled them. They completed the work in one day and did a really great job. I have already recommended them to my friend.
Aaron J.
The estimator was very friendly and took the time to show us all the stone colors that they offer. after my husband and I picked our color they took care of the entire project and did an excellent job. They even came back later for the remaining small details and left no mess.
Joyce D.
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